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Birmingham Children's Trust Adoption Agency is a not for profit, voluntary adoption agency. We have been recognised by Ofsted as an adoption agency that provides a good adoption service with outstanding leadership.

We are owned by, but independent from, Birmingham City Council. This means that we that we are responsible for all children in care in Birmingham. We are the largest single agency with the highest number of children in care. We have children of all ages who need an adoptive family to care for them through their lifetime. We need you to get in touch.

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What is adoption?

Adoption is about becoming the legal parent(s) to child who is no longer able to live with their birth family. It is a process which transfers all legal responsibility for a child to new parent(s) (the adopters). 

An adopted child becomes a full member of their new family including taking the family's name. Adoption is a permanent and lifelong commitment and decision.