Adoption training and support

Parenting is a lifelong adventure that brings both challenges and rewards. Parenting a child that you have adopted will share many similarities to parenting a birth child. It is important however, to think about the difficult start adopted children have had in life and the additional support adopted children and their families may need as they grow and develop.

Lifelong support

The adoption support programme starts at the very beginning of your adoption adventure and it lasts a lifetime.

We provide a variety of training sessions and workshops designed to ensure that our adopters have the best help and information. It is important to us that you have a well-rounded understanding of parenting through adoption. You will hear from experienced adoption social workers, clinical psychologists, experienced adoptive parents and adult adoptees.

Virtual training

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our training and support events are currently delivered virtually via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

"I really enjoyed the virtual training sessions, the hours flew by. I found them really engaging and excellent opportunities to reflect."