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For all potential adopters we’ll arrange for an adoption social worker to meet with you at your family home. This is a chance for us to get to know about each other. If adoption is right for you, and we agree, we’ll invite you to submit your Registration of Interest (application form) and attend our four day preparation training.

It usually take 6 months to be approved as an adopter.

Stage one (usually 2 months to complete)

During stage one you'll begin the first round of checks and preparation.

Read more about stage one

Stage two (usually 4 months to complete)

During stage two preparation training, you’ll be supported by a dedicated social worker.

Read more about stage two

Matching and placement

Once you are approved then you will be considered as a potential match for any suitable children.

During matching and placement, our dedicated family finding teams concentrate on finding the right family for the children in our care. As such, it's hard to say how long this stage will take.

"We found the process wonderfully supportive, to prepare you for every step of the way. Our social worker was really focussed on finding us a perfect family and getting us sorted and equipped with everything we needed to know as new adoptive parents"

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