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Jay’s story

Hello, my name is Jay and I am three years old. My carer says that I am a lovely little boy who loves cuddles, hugs and lots of affection!

I like to be out in the fresh air, especially going to the park and the woods. I also like playing in the garden shed with my toy box and pretending that I am a carpenter.

I like toys that move and make lots of sounds but I also like quiet time with my carer and reading my favourite book called ‘Cuddle’. I love music and will dance to reggae music whenever I hear it!

I am a fit and healthy child who eats and sleeps well. I can feed myself and will try all foods. I like bananas, grapes and strawberries and I really love raisins. I was exposed to alcohol in the womb so I might need on-going support as I grow up. I will need a nurturing, patient family who can help me to express my feelings.

My current carer offers lots of cuddles and reassurance and I am an affectionate little boy. I respond really well to closeness and calmness and I am developing well for my age. 

I am making good progress with toilet training and I am nearly always dry during the day with only some occasional accidents. I can brush my teeth and hair and wash my face with a flannel. I can undress but I do need help from my carer to put my clothes on or I can get in a pickle!

I am happy to go to nursery and I attend one and half days a week. I am a quiet member of the group and I listen and follow instructions well. I have formed friendships with other children in my group and I am excited when I see them. I can play nicely on my own as well as with other children. 

My concentration has improved and I can sit on my carer’s lap until she has finished reading a book. I will be getting extra support to develop my language skills. I can say words and few sentences to express what I want.

I went to live with my foster carer in April 2017 and I have a very positive relationship with her and my extended foster family. I am very affectionate and seek out my foster carer for play and for comfort or reassurance. I respond really well to positive praise and am growing in confidence.

My hope is to have a calm, happy family that offers me lots of cuddles and smiles and makes me feel safe and loved forever.

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