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Ayesha’s story

I am three years old and I love to be cuddled and held close by my carer, whilst she quietly speaks to me. I enjoy watching ‘Telly-Tubbies’ and listening to nursery rhymes, such as ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.

I am is interested in sensory toys, especially toys with bright lights. I love music but  I don't like loud noises such as sound of the hair dryer, vacuum cleaner or coffee machine!

My personality is really beginning to emerge and I like to be kept occupied. If I see something I want I will make every effort to get it! I can stand and walk several steps by myself.

I was placed from the hospital with my foster carers when I was twelve weeks old because my birth parents had not been able to meet my needs on a consistent basis. My birth parents have a history of alcohol misuse and my birth mother has a history of drug misuse and association with risky adults. I do have complex medical needs that my carers manage effectively together. I have global development delay, and rely on my primary carer to meet all of my needs. I am making progress and responding more actively to my surroundings by smiling, vocalising and being more physically mobile.

I get all my nutritional requirements via a gastrostomy feeding tube but I am also able to have small amounts of pureed baby food from a spoon. I understand instructions and I am able to make my needs known by pointing to what I want. I am able to say a few words, such as ‘mom’, ‘banana’ and ‘no’. Since staring Nursery I am beginning to learn Makaton. My development continues to be monitored by a range of professionals.

I enjoy going to nursery and I have made lots of friends. I go to nursery every weekday morning and I enjoy taking part in all the activities but singing and dancing are my favourite! 

I have been with my current foster carers since I left hospital. I am very settled and have a good bond with my carers and all of the extended members of my fostering family.

My carer describes me as a ‘smiley, happy little girl’.

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