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Theo’s story

My name is Theo and I am 4. I am a cheerful, endearing young boy with a mischievous smile. I love balloons, playing ball and trying to climb on furniture. I especially love chewing most objects! I love my toy animals and sensory objects, which sing and make lights and sounds.

My foster carer says that I’m a delight as I’m a real character who is likeable and loveable. She also says that she can’t resist my beautiful eyes!

My social worker says I am an “incredible and charming little boy”. I’m a little brother to Kawan and a big brother to Manny who live with adopters so I hope  that I can still see them sometimes when I have joined my adoptive family. 

I probably suffered withdrawal from substances after I was born.  I have a number of developmental delays and medical needs which are all managed very effectively by my carers who have gained the skills to support me in the home environment and now have the necessary equipment to do so.

My carers have built up good working relationships with the medical professionals who visit me to offer care and support. I have additional needs but I am making ‘leaps and bounds’ in my progress. I have a number of medications and procedures, such as tube feeds, that need to be carried out daily. I am used to this routine and so are my foster family.  

I have a growing and curious personality and I love to explore things at my own pace. I have a good-natured character and my foster carer says that I am rewarding to look after. I am developing a sense of humour and I love one to one interaction with adults and children. 

I progressing with my fine and gross motor skills and I have gained better core strength recently so I am getting much more mobile. I am  able to sit unaided, get on all fours, bum shuffle, crawl, stand, climb, reach for toys and roll over.

I have increased eye contact and I have lots of smiles to give and can be very cheeky and funny. I know what is going on around me although I am not currently able to vocalise a response due to my tracheotomy which helps me with my breathing.

I am just starting to go to a specialist nursery. I have plenty of toys and I go to sing & sign groups. I like toys that light up or make noises and music which are sensory in nature.

I experienced periods of neglect whilst in the care of my birth mother. I received inconsistent and chaotic parenting and my basic need were not always met. 

My developmental and medical needs mean that I will need adoptive parents who are willing to accept some uncertainty as well as manage my current needs. Given my experiences, I am a resilient child, and I have formed very positive relationships with my foster carers. I will need to be the youngest or only child in my adoptive family. 

I need sensitive, special and engaging care. I am a ‘delight’ with loads to offer a cherishing, active and nurturing adoptive family.

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