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Freddie’s story

Hello my name is Freddie and I am five years old. I’m a friendly little boy who has the brightest and most cheerful face when I smile at you.

My social worker says that I’m "just delightful to be around”!

I love looking at books and exploring my toys and sensory objects which sing and make lights and sounds. I am an inquisitive child and I like building blocks and puzzles, playing trains and shops, as well as being outdoors. I love strawberry jam sandwiches and copying yoga from a children’s TV programme. I have a fantastic memory.

My social worker says I am full of life, and that I am an extremely pleasant little boy, with great sense of humour. My foster carer says I love positive attention and I am a happy-go-lucky type of child, who has done remarkably well. My social worker says I have a lot of potential for my future.

I am growing in curiosity so although I making great progress since being in foster care I am developmentally behind in some areas. I am interested in learning new things and can count from one to ten forwards and backwards. I love stories being read to me and imaginative playing with the other child in my placement.

I try hard to increase my self-care skills and will attempt to do things myself such as brush my teeth and take my shoes and socks off. I am in a good day and night routine. I am becoming stronger in my walking, gross motor skills and fine motor development as my skills are not quite age appropriate yet. I have improved greatly in my language skills, although not quite as expected. I like interacting with others and I am able to show when I need a cuddle from my carer or if I am wary when in a new environment. I have a loveable mischievous streak in my personality.

I was born slightly premature and had to remain in hospital for an operation as a new-born to close a gap in my spine. My birth mother did not engage with antenatal services and it is unknown if she used drugs in my pregnancy.

I have a number of developmental delays and medical needs which are all managed effectively by my carers who have gained the skills to support me in the home environment. Overall I am making ‘leaps and bounds’ in my progress given I have some additional needs. I have a number of procedures that need to be carried out daily and my foster carers have become adept at doing these as part of their daily routine. 

I attend a specialist nursery five days per week. I enjoy this and interact well with the other children although I am not sure about having school dinners at the moment so I have a packed lunch!

I have developed a warm positive relationship with my foster carers and I respond well to praise. I have experienced periods of neglect and chaos in the past. This means that my basic and special needs were probabaly unmet during this time. As a result my emotional, physical and behavioural wellbeing will need some nurturing in the future. I do have additional developmental and medical needs so I will need adoptive parents who are willing to accept uncertainty and can manage these. I will require therapeutic, sensitive and engaging hands-on care. I will need to be the youngest or only child in our family.

I have a lot to offer the right family and a lot of potential to fufil. Any family that cares for me is going to be very lucky!

I hope to be helped to reach my potential and be cherished.

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