Thinking about adoption?

Our training and support for adopters

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Adoption training

Research, training and many years of  experience have helped us to understand what works in adoption.

We work in partnership with experienced adopters to develop and deliver our parenting support programmes. We have highly skilled and trained team that includes pre and post adoption social workers and clinical psychologist. A wide range of our training is designed by people who have been in your position and who understand the process from an adopters point of view. 

We provide:

  • A four-day preparation for adoption course. This helps participants to understand the needs of the children and what it takes to be an adoptive parent
  • Topic specific workshops. Each of these workshops will build on your knowledge and will introduce you to new themes at the right time, during your assessment and post approval. They include Therapeutic Play Techniques workshops to support you in your adoption journey
  • Friends and family workshops. These workshops are offered to close friends and family of adoptive families to help them understand the best way to support you as new adoptive parent(s)
  • Additional training for applicants who are interested in fostering for adoption, which is also referred to as Early Permanence. Early Permanence can be a good option for people who would like to adopt younger children. 

Once you are an approved adopter you will be able to come along to a range of other workshops that are designed to support you in parenting your child.

These are a few of the subject areas covered:

  • Talking and Telling
  • Contact and Life Story Work
  • Understanding and Managing Behaviour
  • Sensory Integration
  • The Joys and Challenges of Parenting a Child with FASD
  • Positive Parenting Strategies
  • Foundations for Attachment

Adoption support

We provide a wide range of support services for our adopters and their children. Our dedicated social workers will work with you to create your individual Adoption Support Plan. Once you have adopted with us, our team will always be there to support your family. Find out more about our support offer

Other support

We have regular Saturday drop-in groups for our adopters to meet other families.

Each summer we hold a fantastic fun filled summer event and a Christmas party.