Post Approval: Family finding for children

We have dedicated family finding teams who concentrate on finding the right family for the children in our care.  They work closely with the Children’s Social Workers, the children, Foster Carers and Adoption Workers to identify suitable matches with Adopters and long term Foster Carers.

Placement of a child with you

Once a suitable match has been found you’ll have a period of introductions between you and the child. Your social worker (the one who completed your assessments) will support and supervise you throughout this period.

The child must have been living in your care for a minimum of ten weeks before you can make a court application.

Adoption Order

An adoption order will be granted when the court is satisfied that you're able to meet the child’s needs. The adoption order transfers all legal responsibility for the child to you as the new parent(s). The child becomes a full member of the new family including taking the family name. 

Once an adoption order has been legally granted by the court it can’t be reversed except in extremely exceptional circumstances.