Loss and disruption in a child's life

Children needing adoption may have experienced loss and disruption in their life.

Children will react differently to their life experiences and may have challenging behaviours or additional needs as a result of this.

The child’s welfare, safety and needs are at the centre of the adoption process. The child’s wishes and feelings will be fully taken into account at all stages.

Some children;

  • may have lived with a number of families before being adopted
  • may have had birth parents with drug or alcohol dependency which has an impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing
  • may have had birth parents who were unable to cope or parent effectively due to their own childhood experiences
  • have lived in a household where their parents have experienced mental health difficulties
  • experienced loss and separation from their birth family, and may respond to their new parents and situations in an unpredictable way
  • have experienced, or were at risk of abuse. The abuse may have been physical, sexual, emotional or a mixture of these
  • have experienced, or were at risk of neglect. In the most severe cases, some children have not had their most basic needs met, such as physical care, security, affection, stimulation, encouragement, guidance and appropriate discipline
  • have lived in a household environment with domestic violence
  • had very young parents without family and community support

It has been the hardest and yet the most wonderful time and I wouldn’t change a thing. It has changed our whole world, I can’t imagine our life without him now.