Thinking about fostering?

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Why foster with us?

  • When a child in Birmingham needs a foster home they come into our care the care. This means that when you foster with us you:
    • will foster a local child
    • will have your first foster child placed with you soon after approval
    • have the best chance of working as a fostering carer every week of the year, with no long gaps in between short-term placements
  • We’re a not for profit. This means that the children in our care are truly at the heart of everything we do
  • We care about you. We pride ourselves on the support and training we offer to our foster carers
  • Our support package includes:

    • 24-hour support, every day of the year
    • Regular one to one support sessions with your supervising social worker
    • Local support groups
    • Membership to Birmingham Foster Care Association (BFCA). The BFCA is an independent organisation funded by us to ensure you have the independent support you need.
    • Membership to FosterTalk. FosterTalk is a national organisation which offers a wide range of support and advice for Foster Carers in the UK
    • Read our full support offer
  • Our training package includes:

    • 40+ face to face training sessions to support your professional development
    • 85 online training courses that you can dip into at any time
    • Training scheduled around school hours
    • A creche so you don’t have to worry about childcare during training
    • Read our full training offer


We offer very competitive pay (also known as a fostering fee) based on your experience and the qualifications that we’ll help you to gain. Our fostering fee ranges between £140 and £756 per child per week.

In addition to your fostering fee, we’ll provide you with a maintenance allowance for each child in your care. Maintenance allowances will pay for everything the children in your care need from pocket money to school uniform as well as their every day needs. You will also be able to claim expenses such as car expenses. Find out more about pay