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Do you already foster for an agency?

Here are a few things you might want to know about fostering with Birmingham Children’s Trust Fostering Agency.Boy at desk writing

When a child in Birmingham needs a foster home, Birmingham Children’s Trust Fostering Agency will receive all the placement requests for our carers before any other agencies are considered.

This means our foster carers get priority for the placement of children in Birmingham. 

Unlike many of the other agencies we are a non-profit organisation, committed to improving children’s lives. In addition we offer local support and training to local foster carers.

If you are thinking of transferring then contact our friendly team, who can explain the things that we can offer to you and the  process involved in transfer.

We work closely to the Fostering Network Transfer protocol which gives full guidance on references, notice periods, payments etc. for foster carers transferring.

We work towards the Transfer of foster carers protocol England 2014 (reissued 2015) principles.

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