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Mollie’s story

Hello my name is Mollie and I am ten months old. Everyone tells me that I have a beautiful smile!

I love physical contact and comfort. I love it when my carer strokes my face or when they hold my hands. I especially enjoy nursery rhyme songs with actions such as ‘row, row, row your boat’! I also really enjoy sitting in my rocker during quieter moments. 

I was born following a concealed pregnancy at my family home. Early on I was unwell and admitted to hospital for treatment where I remained until I was six weeks old. I am currently being supported and monitored by health professionals. I have not yet fully mastered my head control but I am trying really hard. 

I began weaning at six months old and I really enjoy eating food! I have a varied diet alongside some milk feeds. I have a good routine and I will let you know what I want by using my baby babble sounds and facial expressions. My carer says that I am only upset when I am hungry or tired.

I play with age appropriate toys and activities within my foster home.  I have recently been introduced to some sensory toys which I love playing with, especially light-up and musical toys that have moving parts! I don’t currently attend nursery or any other playgroups but I do live with other children. 

I went to live with my foster carer as soon as i left hospital.  I have developed a positive relationship with her, her extended family and other children in our foster family. I enjoy the warmth and security of my carer's breathing and heartbeat so opportunities for cuddles are plentiful!

I hope to have a family who will love and support me forever.

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