Other things to consider before adopting a child


  • If you already have children living with you we'll think about their needs too. If you are approved for adoption, we will carefully match your adoptive child with everyone in your household  to make sure that the needs of all the children can be met


  • If you’re married, in a civil partnership or living with a partner, we suggest that you have been living together for at least one year
  • If your partner does not live with you, the relationship will still be taken  in to consideration during the assessment as they are likely to play an integral part in the child’s life


  • If you've split from your partner we suggest you wait at least one year after separating before applying to adopt
  • If you've parented with an ex-partner, we'll want to interview your ex-partner (where appropriate). We may also want to interview adult children from that relationship. Please talk to us if you have any concerns about this


  • You'll need to live within 50 miles of Birmingham city centre to adopt with us
  • You'll need to be able to provide a child with a no smoking home. If you smoke you won't be able to adopt a child under the age of 5. If you adopt a child over the age of five any smoking, including the smoking of e-cigarettes, must take place outside of your home
  • You'll need to have a spare bedroom in your home, with sufficient space for a bed (or cot) and a storage unit for the child’s belongings


  • You'll need to be sufficiently fit and healthy to meet the child’s needs for activity and exercise and to be able to see the child into adulthood. We'll ask you to have a medical with your GP during the assessment process to check that you are in good health

Language and child care experience

  • You'll need to be able to speak, read and write English and be able to communicate in English both with children and other professionals
  • It is important that you have some child care experience such as looking after nieces or nephews

Information for EU Nationals 

  • In terms of your adoption application and assessment, Brexit shouldn’t impact on your legal ability to adopt

Information about Settled Status

  • If you are an EU National, you may wish to view the EU Settlement Scheme. The EU Settlement Scheme allows EU citizens and their family members to get the immigration status they need to continue to live, work and study in the UK after Brexit. EU nationals that are already living in the UK have until, at least, the end of 2020 to apply. In most cases applications are quick and simple
  • EU Settled Status means that EU Nationals will continue to be eligible for public services, such as healthcare and schools, as well as public funds and pensions

Find out more about Settled Status and how to apply