Adoption process: stage two

Our experienced adoption staff will be with you throughout your adoption journey to support, guide and prepare you.

Stage two of the process is where a social worker will visit you on a regular basis in order to prepare a report known as the Prospective Adopters Report.

During the assessment stage it is important that we get to know all about you in order that we can support and guide you in your adoption journey.

It is also a time for you to get to know all of the fantastic support that Birmingham Children’s Trust has to offer its adopters, this includes regular stay and play sessions, ongoing training & support sessions and annual Fun Days.  

We want you to be as prepared as possible for adoption and therefore during this stage we also require you to attend two further informative training sessions. These are:

  • Therapeutic play
  • What next after approval

During this stage we also offer a workshop session for your extended family and friends in order to offer them information about adoption and how they can support you as a family

Stage two will lead to us making a detailed recommendation about your suitability as an adoptive parent, this is called a Prospective Adopters report.

You’ll be able see the Prospective Adopters report, and make comments

All Prospective Adopters reports are then considered by the Adoption Panel

Adoption Panel

  • you’ll be invited to the Adoption Panel meeting with your social worker with you for support
  • the Adoption Panel will make a recommendation about your suitability
  • the final decision is made by the Adoption Agency Decision Maker who is a senior officer of Birmingham Children's Trust with expertise in adoption

After approval

Following the Adoption Agency Decision, and if approved, you'll then move to matching and placement.