5 reasons to adopt with Birmingham Children's Trust

A brother and sister are lying on the floor. They are laughing and wearing homemade dressing up costumes. She has a Queen's crown and he is dressed as a knight with a cardboard helmet Published: 21st Oct 2021

This National Adoption Week we're sharing five reasons to adopt with Birmingham Children's Trust. Find out why we could be the right adoption agency for you.

Reason 1

We are a voluntary adoption agency. This means that we are an independent, not for profit organisation. Find out more about Voluntary Adoption Agencies (VAA)

Reason 2

We can offer you personalised support throughout your adoption journey. Our team is recognised nationally for the high quality support we  offer our families. Find out more about our adoption support and training 

Reason 3

We are proud to offer an inclusive service to all of Birmingham's communities, including members of the LGBTQ+ community. Our diverse workforce we will work with you to make the process as easy as possible throughout your adoption journey.

Reason 4

We are the largest single agency with the highest number of children in care. We have children of all ages who need an adoptive family to care for them through their lifetime.

Reason 5

We provide a variety of training sessions and workshops to ensure that you have the best help and information. Training is delivered by a range of experts including Birmingham adopters. Find out more about our training offer

Ask us about adoption

You can find out more about adopting with Birmingham Children’s Trust on our website or join one of our information events.

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