Step Up to take your career in fostering to new heights

A young boy laughs after picking a flower outside, he is using a wheelchair Published: 23rd Apr 2020

Find out how you could earn up to £39,312 a year per foster child with our new Step Up scheme!

Have you always wanted to foster children but been worried about giving up your current income? Do you have experience working with children and young people? You could earn up to £39,312 (plus child allowance) a year per foster child with our new Step Up scheme!

What is fostering?

Some children are not able to live with their own birth family and need a safe place to live. A foster home offers such children a safe place to live for a few days, weeks months or sometimes even years.

Fostering means providing a child with all the things that any family would, food, warmth, shelter, love, care, support with health and education.

Step Up!

Step Up is an exciting new scheme launched by Birmingham Children’s Trust Fostering Agency. It is a specialist fostering project to help find foster carers for children and young people who are ready to leave residential care.

We believe that every child and young person has the right to experience positive family life. 

Unfortunately, many children and young people who cannot live with their birth family, live in residential care. A national shortage of foster carers means that once a young person has lived in residential care, they often stay there longer than necessary.

We want to give young people who are ready to move into a family home the opportunity to live in a loving and stable family home.  

Who can Step Up?

Anyone who is interested in the Step Up scheme must meet the legal minimum requirements for fostering.

You will need to be:

  • Aged over 21
  • Resident in the UK with a fixed permanent home
  • And have a spare bedroom

Find out more about who can foster.

In addition to the minimum requirements for “mainstream” foster carers, if you want to join the Step Up scheme you should also:

  • Have experience of working with children and young people e.g. residential care experience or youth work
  • Be able to demonstrate the following qualities: 
    • an active lifestyle
    • creative thinking
    • resilience and determination
    • commitment to achieving good outcomes for young people
  • Be able to drive and have access to a car
  • Be available full time to foster once you are approved
  • Be committed to training and developing your skills
  • Be able to commit to our Practice Model. We will tell you more about this when you get in touch

What to expect

We will offer you comprehensive training and 24-hour support, every day of the year. Our training and support package includes:

  • A Supervising Social Worker who is trained in Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP)
  • 24-hour telephone support should you need it
  • Foster Carer Supervision every four weeks; with individual support, as and when required
  • Training in Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP)
  • Residential Services training, including de-escalation training
  • Training around County Lines, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (PACE) caring technique and Prevent safeguarding strategy.
  • Bi-monthly group supervision with other Step Up Foster Carers and a DDP trained worker

Financial support and reward

In addition to our extensive training and support offer we are offering a generous professional fee of:

  • £756 per week per child in placement. This equates to a salary of £39,312 per annum when a child is in placement
  • A child maintenance allowance which is appropriate to the child’s age to cover their day to day needs. It will also include:
    • Clothing allowance
    • Holiday allowance
    • Pocket money

How to apply

Fill out our enquiry form online to start your application process. Our friendly team will call you back within one working day.

You can also email your question to:

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