Foster Carers needed

Published: 11th May 2020

A child comes into care every 20 seconds in the UK. Away from their families, they need a safe and loving family to care for them. This is fostering.

Fostering is a career, a challenge, but above all it is a way of giving a child or young person a secure, stable and loving family environment. 

What is fostering?

Some children are not able to live with their own birth family and need a safe place to live. A foster home offers such children a safe place to live for a few days, weeks months or sometimes even years.

Fostering means providing a child with all the things that any family would, food, warmth, shelter, love, care, support with health and education. Find out about the different types of fostering.

Watch the video: This is Fostering

“The support you provide us foster carers is incredible, our fostered child thinks you’re fantastic… myself and Adam truly can’t thank you enough”

Why Foster with us?

We're responsible for every child that comes into care in Birmingham. As a foster carer this means that you: 

  • will foster a local child
  • will have your first foster child placed with you soon after approval
  • have the best chance of fostering every week of the year, with no long gaps in between short-term placements

Training, support and pay

  • From our initial training to career development, we focus on maximising your potential
  • We're here to support you 24-hours a day, every single day of the year
  • Our competitive pay ranges from £140 to £756 per child per week. In addition to your pay you'll receive a child maintenance fee to take care of all of your foster child's needs from birthday presents to school uniform and basic needs. 

Find out more about our training, support and pay

How to apply

If you could provide a home for child or young person whether it's on a temporary or long term basis, please get in touch

You may be able to foster with us if you:

  • Are aged over 21
  • Have a spare bedroom
  • Speak English
  • Are resident in the UK with a fixed, permanent home

Fill in our quick enquiry form and one of our team members will be in touch with you within one working day.

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