BBC interviews Birmingham adopter: The pandemic made the adoption process even smoother for me

A woman holds her baby close and looks down into his eyes. She has thick long braids and large glasses. Published: 25th Jan 2021

Birmingham adopter Jenny, was recently interviewed by BBCWM to highlight that despite the pandemic, the number of children adopted in Birmingham has increased compared to 2019

Inspired by her experience visiting children’s homes as a child, Jenny had always had the idea of adoption in the back of her mind. “My dad was a social worker and I used to go to work with him sometimes. Although you’d never be allowed to do that now, meeting children in care was a really valuable experience for me as a child. I realised how lucky I was to have a safe and loving home with my family.”

Jenny adopted her first child, James, a couple of years ago after hip replacement surgery forced her away from work. “I joke and tell everyone to have a hip replacement because it really forces you to take time out and think about what you want in life!” As a happily single woman, when Jenny decided she wanted to start a family, adoption seemed the best route for her, “I didn’t see any reason to go down the donor route when there are children out there needing a family”.

Adopting during the pandemic

The little family are now awaiting the arrival of a second little boy, after Jenny applied to adopt again in 2020. Remarkably, she explains that for her the restrictions made the process smoother. “All of the meetings and visits have switched to being online. It has made it easier for me and James has been more involved in the process than he would have been otherwise”.

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You can listen Jenny’s full interview on BBC iPlayer now (skip to 1:43:30).

Listen to the interview BBC iPlayer

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