Brothers and sisters are stronger together than apart

An older borhter holds his sisters hands. They are walking up a sandy path with their back to the camera. Published: 17th Jun 2021

Did you know almost half of children awaiting adoption need a family that can adopt them and their brother or sister?

If you’re considering adoption, we’re asking you to think about adopting brothers and sisters. It might seem daunting but adopter who have done it say that the benefits outweigh any of the challenges.

Why adopt brothers and sisters?

It can be best for the children

All children needing adoption have experienced loss and instability in their early lives. For many of these children their only constant has been their brother or sister so having them by their side can help them to settle into their new family more quickly.

For most of us, our  relationship with our brother or sister is the longest lasting relationship in our lives. Parents who adopt brothers and sisters give them the chance to grow up together and maintain their closest relationship.

Children learn social skills, like how to share and manage their emotions. Adopting brothers and sisters can help their development as they grow.

It can be best for you

Many adopters know that they would like more than one child, or they later feel that they would like to give their adopted child a brother or sister. When you adopt siblings, you can grow your family to the right size for you straight away instead of in stages. This means that you will only need to go through the adoption process once and you know that your children already get along well.

Some of our children awaiting adoption with their brother or sister are a little older and need a family that can adopt them, and their younger sibling/s. Adopting an older child that there will be less uncertainty about their health or development. Older siblings will also be able to help their younger brothers and sisters understand their early life experiences.

Support and financial help

We offer lifelong support to all of our adoptive families.

If you are interested in adopting a brothers and sisters but worried about the financial implications, we would love to talk to you. You need to have stable finances in order to adopt, but you don’t need to be very well off. If you would like to adopt brothers and sisters, we can offer financial support to help you purchase the essential items your children will need such as furniture or a bigger family car.

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