How the Birmingham RAA will operate

Birmingham Children's Trust responsibilities outside of the RAA

The Child’s Journey

  • All statutory functions relating to the child, and case management responsibility until the Adoption Order
  • Care planning and early identification of children who may require adoption, including early permanence placements, and referring them to the RAA with relevant and timely information
  • The agreement to place the child in the early permanence placement 
  • Preparing the child for an adoptive placement
  • The preparation of the child’s Life Story book and producing the Later Life Letter
  • The child's social worker is responsible for writing and submitting the Annex A report 
  • The child’s social worker will authorise the placement
  • Legal advice that may be required in respect of the child’s match with an adopter
  • Timely agency decision maker (ADM) decision on matches
  • Safeguarding work in cases where an adult brings a child into the country and then wants to adopt

Adoption Support for families

  • Assessments and payment of Adoption Allowances, and review of payments every 12 months
  • The child’s social worker maintains responsibility pre-order
  • Early Help services for adoptive families as appropriate, including the assessment, plan and responsible worker
  • Providing out of hours Emergency Duty Teams to adopters
  • Responsibility for conducting any appropriate section 47 enquiry and allocating a social worker
  • The Trust will continue to deliver relevant services to adoptive families as for all eligible families, including funding additional support required to prevent disruption of adoptive placements
  • Management of Disruption Meetings where the disruption takes place before the Adoption Order

Support for those affected by adoption

  • Support with final contact visits between children and their birth parents and with introduction meetings with prospective adoptive parents