A young girl gently cuddles a baby. They are lying face to face on a bed


During your adoption journey with us we will talk to you about whether you wish to be considered for a fostering to adopt placement. This is sometimes called an early permanence placement.

Some very young children may not be able to live with their birth family and they need to have the security of a loving permanent family as early as possible. It can take time whilst decisions are made about a child’s future by the Courts and usually during this time they are cared for by foster carers.

Children benefit enormously from the opportunity to stay (fostered) with one family who may go on to adopt them if the Court decides they cannot be safely returned to their birth family. This type of care is known as fostering to adopt.

"If you are interested in adoption, particularly of a very young child, fostering to adopt offers a great opportunity for a child to experience stability, rather than waiting in a foster home while decisions are made for their future"

 As emotionally resilient fostering to adopt foster carers you will be able to put the needs of vulnerable children at the very heart of your family.

We will be with you every step of the way supporting you with specific training and support from our experienced staff.

Our fostering to adopt carers say that their initial caution about parenting in this way has been more than outweighed by the privilege of caring for a very young child who they have then gone on to adopt. Find out more about adoption on the adopt Birmingham website.

"Fostering to adopt was a good experience because we got our son from a very young age and were there for his  first milestones in life."

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