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Duties and responsibilities of the carer, parent and local authority in private fostering

Private foster carers must:

  • tell the local authority of their intention to foster a child at least six weeks in advance or, if arrangements are made in an emergency, within 48 hours
  • provide a safe and caring home for the child to live in
  • arrange medical and dental care and ensure the child attends school
  • help the child to keep in touch with their family and meet any religious or cultural needs as far as possible
  • tell the local authority of any change in their address, and of any person who moves into or out of the household
  • notify the local authority within 48 hours when the child leaves their care, giving the name and address of the person into whose care the child was moved

The parents should:

  • tell the local authority of the proposed private fostering arrangement at least six weeks in advance or, if arrangements are made in an emergency, within 48 hours
  • retain parental responsibility for the child, so they must ensure that the arrangement is suitable for the child, and that the carer has all the information they need to care for the child
  • be financially responsible for the child

The local authority will:

  • allocate a social worker to the family
  • assess the suitability of the arrangement and communicate with the parents, carer, child or young person and notify them of the outcome
  • visit the child/young person every six weeks in the first year and every 12 weeks for the following years to ensure arrangements continue to be suitable for the child/young person;
  • provide advice to the carer and child/young person

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