Consent for personal data

The Trust also provides limited services which will require your consent to process your personal data.

In circumstances as described above - your consent to process your personal data must be  specific, informed, active and affirmative, meaning it must be clear and freely given by you after we explain what further processing we would like to do with your data. You can therefore make an informed decision about whether you consent to the processing or not. You are in control and you can withdraw your consent at any stage by contacting the Data Protection Officer at the above address. (Please note however that any processing that has taken place up to the time that you withdraw consent will however be considered lawful).

Consent for special category personal data

In respect of sensitive or ‘special categories of personal data’ we will require your ‘explicit consent’ to further process this type of personal data under Section 7a) above. This means your consent must be very clear and specific, and again you can withdraw your consent at any stage by contacting the Trust.

Where the Trust seeks to disclose sensitive personal data, such as medical details, to third parties, we will do so only with your prior explicit consent.

There may be occasions where we may have to disclosure your personal data if it is required or permitted by law, for example in relation to crime prevention/detection. In these cases we do not require your specific consent or explicit consent for the disclosure of your personal data.

Recording/managing consent

Once a citizens’ consent is obtained we will keep a record of when the citizen consented, the information they were provided with prior to consent and how they consented.

Consent is part of your ongoing relationship with our citizens and will therefore be managed appropriately. The consent will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains appropriate, and, as previously stated, citizens have the right to withdraw their consent at any stage.