Helping you to be heard

We help you make sure your voice is heard. 

We want to know what you think, because you MATTER

In Birmingham we offer issue based advocacy, so we will help you with a specific problem or concern.

An advocate can;

  • Listen to your worries and help sort out a problem
  • Help you understand your rights
  • Help make sure you understand what is happening
  • Help you say what you think and help you make sure other people are listening to your views
  • We won’t talk to other people about you unless you say we can and we will keep what you say confidential, unless we think you are in danger and then we always try and tell you first if we have to share anything you tell us.

We sometimes explain it as ‘we work for you’.

So you might need help with attending and contributing in a meeting, you may feel unhappy about something your social worker has (or hasn’t) done. You may have a health or an education concern or worry. You may feel not listened to or treated unfairly.

An advocate can support you and help you feel that your views are being listened to.

An advocate will always do their best, but may not be able to make things ‘better’.

Sometimes things can’t be changed, but they will make sure everyone knows how you feel, and help you understand why decisions are made.

You can tell us that you want an advocate

just ring us on 0121 303 7217, or

Email us

and we will take all the information down and arrange to come and see you.

Download our advocacy leaflet