Research projects and approval

At Birmingham Children’s Trust we are committed to engaging and learning from research to inform and improve our practice.  We run our own research projects, and welcome approaches from Universities, practice bodies, research institutions and students to take part in research which will progress how we and the wider sector work with children and families. 

Research plays an important role in our commitment to deliver high quality social work.  Our research activities move beyond process driven measures of social work to explore what our practice looks like, what works and how practice can be improved. 

To know whether we are achieving positive outcomes for children and families, we need to explore and understand their experiences of social work.  To improve our practice we also need an in-depth understanding of practitioners’ experiences, and what enables us to deliver high quality social work.   We also need to look to national and international research to inform and influence our local practice.

The Children’s Trust has a dedicated Research Manager who delivers internal research projects and establishes collaborations with research institutions and other organisations.


Contact details

Rachael Lickley: Research Analyst