What is the Early Help Assessment?

Information for parents about how an Early Help Assessment works

What will happen?

Your support worker will go through these steps with you:

  1.  You and your support worker will talk about what is going well in your family, what the worries are, and what needs to happen to improve the situation.  This will be written into the Early Help Assessment form. 
  2. Your support worker will get a team of people together, you will fill out a My Family Plan, this will remind everyone about what is going to happen, how will be doing it and by when. 
  3. You will choose one person from that team to be your Lead Professional (LP). They will support you to and make sure the team keeps their promises.
  4. You will review your plan regularly to make sure that things are improving for your family.

The whole process will take a little time, but we can only do it with your permission.