Additional help for families (Think Family)

Family Support teams work with families to provide intensive support, advice and training. They can help to assess a families’ need and coordinate the services available to best meet those needs.

Think Family is a way of working with families that have additional needs and need either substantial or intensive support. The Think Family leaflets tell you more:

Think Family leaflet

Think Family supports the Early Help in Birmingham strategy and the Right Help, Right Time framework. You can read more information about these on the Birmingham Children’s Safeguarding Partnership website.

How will Think Family support your family?

Our aim is to help you to make positive, long-lasting changes. To help you do this you will have a support worker who will:

  • meet your family and get to know you
  • help you make a plan to solve your problems one step at a time
  • bring together all the support you need and make sure it works
  • help you get advice on benefits and budgeting
  • offer a tailored service, to increase your chances of finding a job
  • ensure you have help and advice on parenting
  • offer practical help to improve school attendance and behaviour.

It’s important that you work together with your support worker to make a difference. This means:

  • Listening to each other
  • Sharing information with your support worker that will help them to understand your needs and offer you the right support
  • Working with other services that can support your family
  • Attending meetings and appointments.

We can’t solve your problems for you, but we can make sure you’re supported to make changes for your family.