What do social workers do? Information for families

Social workers work with you and your children to see where you might need help and then give you that support.

They’re there to make a positive difference in your life.

This is how our social workers do this:

  • they think about what might need to change in your family to make things better for your children
  • they listen to what you have to say, so they understand your family and what it needs to change
  • they look for the strengths in your family – and find ways to make the most of them
  • and then together you make a plan to do that

Social workers are there to stand up for the people who need them. If they think a child might not be safe, it’s their duty to investigate.   

Our social workers do everything they can to keep your family together. But sometimes this is not possible and we will start a legal process to look at where your child should live. 

This may be with a close relative, close friend or one of our trained foster carers depending on each child’s situation.

We always talk to you and your children if this happens and we can advise you how to access to legal help.