Assessed and Supported Year of Employment (ASYE)

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The Assessed and Supported Year of Employment (ASYE) is a twelve-month programme designed to provide additional support for Newly Qualified Social Workers to develop their capability and strengthen their professional confidence. Over the ASYE it is expected that you will begin to consolidate your learning from the degree and develop your knowledge and experience in an employment setting, transitioning from student to social worker.

The ASYE programme will provide access to regular focussed support and development, setting out levels of practice standards that are expected of you by the end of your first year in employment. It is an assessed and supported year rather than a developmental year. Our programme assumes you have the knowledge and skills necessary to be a social worker. The aim of our programme is to help you make the transition from being a student to professional social worker so that you can:

  • Function as a social worker at the Assessed & Supported Year in employment level and beyond
  • Work as a team member and as an employee of the Trust
  • Develop emotional resilience as a professional; and
  • Be working according to the DfE Knowledge and Skills Statements Practice standards for Children and Family Practitioners at the end of your ASYE.

On your ASYE journey in the Trust you will have

  • Be based in a front line practice team with a hybrid working model
  • Allocated SPed from the Academy team
  • Supervision from team manager as well as group supervision and 121 with your SPed
  • Supported and protected case load
  • Cohort support
  • Monthly Study days
  • Portfolio days
  • Monthly specialised training days

Key dates

The next ASYE cohort advert will be published in December 2023, for the programme to start in May 2024.