The ACFP programme is essentially the next steps for Newly Qualified Social workers post their ASYE year. The ACFP is for all ASYEs in their second year of development as a social worker where they begin to embed their learning and build on their experiences whilst holding on to extra levels of support and oversight.

All social workers who had successfully passed their ASYE are offered a space onto the ACFP programme as the next steps in their career. The aim of this second year is to increase the complexity of work and continue their learning journey to become an experienced practitioner. Oversight and support would still be in place for the social workers on the ACFP however the protective shell provided by ASYE will be lessened. This creates a step-down approach into practice for newly qualified social workers into the reality of practice ensuring readiness and effectiveness. 

Instead of another portfolio of work to be built and marked by candidates, at the end of the second year we use NAAS Child and Family Practitioner assessments as a measurement benchmark to determine social workers level of skill and knowledge. This approach is then be able to identify successful accredited practitioners to support progression applications to become a senior social worker.

The programme takes a different approach to the previously completed ASYE with a more reflective method of identifying professional identity and understanding the journey of the child in basic practice principles. The programme uses methods of shadowing, training, presentations and engagement with children in care to really emphasise the learning throughout.

In the use of the ACFP we further develop the principle of “grow your own” as well as creating a workforce that would be recognised nationally meeting the post qualifying practice standards Knowledge and Skills statements in being accredited. We value our staff and using the ACFP we continue to support development in a career pathway. In turn this influences practice positively allowing better outcomes for the children and families of Birmingham.

  • Group supervisions
  • Monthly training days
  • NAAS assessment preparation days
  • Revision day
  • Professional Identity presentations