National fostering film project launches in Birmingham

A foster carer and the young person he looks at are sitting at the kitchen table. The foster carer is pointing to the boy's homework and helping him through it. Published: 12th Oct 2021

Birmingham is joining fostering services across the country to launch a new short film that celebrates the life changing impact of fostering for all involved. 

The unique project, developed by the West Midlands Regional Fostering Recruitment Forum, involves 34 local authorities around the country who have jointly funded the creation of a new film which aims to find more foster carers who can provide safe and loving homes for the children and young people who need them.

Tracy Collins, Head of Service at Foster Birmingham said, “Whilst we already have many amazing foster carers in Birmingham, who make a real difference to children, the reality is we will always need more people to open their homes and their hearts to fostering. 

“This project has been a brilliant way of working together to produce a high-quality film that will encourage more people to step forward to foster for Birmingham Children’s Trust or their local council.

“Our aim is that this film will be shared on social media in cities, towns and villages right across the UK, to show people everywhere how fostering can transform their lives for the better, as well as the lives of the children they care for.”

Finding the best of you

The short film, called ‘Out There’, highlights how fostering can improve the lives of everyone involved from the children and young people who live with foster carers, to those who come forward to care for them.

“The collaborative approach demonstrates the ethos of fostering for your local Children’s Trust or council – together we can make a difference.”

Lisa Jamieson, Assistant Director at Birmingham Children’s Trust said, “Out There is a beautifully poignant film which captures many of the thoughts and emotions being felt today, particularly as many people have reflected on their life choices and the importance of their local communities during the pandemic.

“I think the film itself and the collaborative approach demonstrates the ethos of fostering for your local Children’s Trust or council – together we can make a difference.

“Our previous films have been really well received and have encouraged more people to more people become foster carers in Birmingham and the West Midlands. This time we decided to be more ambitious should be more ambitious and take a national approach, and we are very proud of the result.”

Watch the film

The film premiered virtually on Tuesday 12 October 2021 and was introduced by Kevin Williams, the Chief Executive of The Fostering Network.

Help spread the message on social media by sharing the film using the hashtags #FosterForYourCouncil and #FindTheBestOfYou

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