Final day of Easter Festival closes two weeks of celebrations

Man with young boy practicing boxing Published: 25th Apr 2022

The two-week Easter Festival, hosted by Birmingham Children’s Trust and Donate1Create1.

Last week saw the end of a two-week Easter holiday celebration which brought together over 400 young people and their families from across the city.

The Easter Festival, hosted by Birmingham Children’s Trust and Donate1Create1, celebrated the upcoming Commonwealth Games with a range of activities supported by BFriends, Street Games, Moreton Reynolds, Commonwealth Sport Foundation and Action Indoor Sports.

The range of sports provided included boxing, golf, rock climbing, basketball, dodgeball, football, trampolining and activities to improve mobility and gross motor skills. 

“These events are important to children and young people, not only for them to socialise with different people but also for them to pick up new skills,” said Ryan Delahaye from Donate1 Create1.

“These types of sports and activities help young people with teamwork, find new friends, and help kids to learn to work through their problems and obstacles, these are all transferable skills. They can take the lessons they’ve learnt from here into school and the future.”

“We’ve had great feedback from the young people who have attended the sessions over the last two weeks, and they have been able to try sports they’re not so familiar with in a safe and supportive environment with plenty of positive influences around them.”

The festival, held at Action Indoor Sports in Erdington, is part of a long list of events taking place across Birmingham from the Holiday Activity Programmes and the Commonwealth Games.