Announcement - Trust Director of Practice

Published: 8th Jun 2023

Our Director of Practice, Jenny Turnross, has announced today that she will be leaving the Trust...

Jenny Turnross, Director of Practice in the Trust since early 2018, will be moving on, as she has been offered the role of Corporate Director of Children and Young People’s Services in Liverpool and will be leaving the Trust later this year.

This is a big and important role in a city where services are in need of improvement, much as they were in Birmingham when the Trust was established. Jenny’s experience and skills will be a real asset to Liverpool.

Andy Couldrick, Chief Executive, Birmingham Children’s Trust said:

"When Jenny and I embarked on the mission in Birmingham Children’s Trust five years ago, we were clear what we needed to achieve for the city’s most vulnerable children and families, for and with the City Council. The recent Ofsted inspection and lifting by Government of the Improvement Direction reflect the progress we have made since 2018. It is not at all surprising that Jenny’s skills have been recognised and that she has accepted the challenge of another significant service improvement."

"Jenny has been a great colleague and leader, and I and everyone in the Trust wish her every success in the new adventure."

Jenny Turnross said:

"It has been an honour and a privilege to work in Birmingham for the last five years, we have achieved so much, I am so proud of the great work that takes place in this City. I would like to thank everyone in the Trust, the Council and across the partnership for the work that we have done together in making children’s services so much better for our children, young people and communities."

The Trust will look to secure a new Director and ensure that our momentum in improving services is sustained.

You can read the announcement made on the Liverpool City Council newsroom here