Roaring Lions bowled over by the Bears

Children from Birmingham Children Trust's Roaring Lions pose for a photo with cricket star Alex Thomson
Children from Birmingham Children Trust's Roaring Lions pose for a photo with cricket star Alex Thomson.
Published: 10th Dec 2018

The Birmingham Roaring Lions, Birmingham Children’s Trust disabled children’s forum, was bowled over by Warwickshire Bears cricket star Alex Thomson, at their inaugural Christmas party.

Held at Edgbaston, home to Warwickshire Bears cricket team, the Roaring Lions Christmas party saw children and their families and carers treated to a festive meal and a present.

Set up to represent the voices of children and young people with disabilities who spend time in our residential homes in Birmingham, the Roaring Lions have now met three times since being set up in June this year.

The Lions are now active members of the Trust’s Corporate Parenting Board who, alongside the Edgbaston Foundation, will fully support their projects and campaigns.

Natalie Loon, corporate parenting manager at the Trust said: “Our disabled children have always had a voice and been listened to, but we wanted to establish a forum that would be led by them and able to represent and acknowledge their creativity and passion.

“Whilst the Roaring Lions are a relatively new group our talented children have already come up with the name and spent time creating a logo and colours to use.

“They have also worked with Barclays corporate team, looking at and testing our work taster days to be delivered in residential homes.

“We wanted to make sure that the forum was rewarded for their hard work, and getting to spend time with local sporting superstar Alex Thomson made the party a real hit (for six).”

Julie Clark, manager of West Heath based Charles House, a residential home for children with disabilities, was instrumental in helping to get the Roaring Lions up and running.

Said Julie: “We have long admired the Children in Care Council and the Care Leavers’ Forum but we knew it was very important to create a specific group for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs so their voices could be heard and so that they can have their own identity and recognition.

“I look forward to supporting the Birmingham Roaring Lions in 2019, as the forum will be busy planning lots of activities and continuing to represent children with disabilities. It was terrific to end the year on a high with support from Edgbaston and especially Alex Thomson who spent his time meeting  and taking pictures with our incredible children and their carers.”

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If you would like any information about the Birmingham Roaring Lions, or if you would like to support the forum in any way please contact our corporate parenting manager Natalie Loon by email: .