Birmingham Children’s Trust foster carers receive COVID-19 vaccination

A woman smiles as she receives a vaccine Published: 25th Jan 2021

We have secured vaccines for all of our foster carers and their support bubbles. This is in recognition of the vital role they play in the lives of children across Birmingham

We are proud to say that, alongside our frontline colleagues, Birmingham Children’s Trust foster carers are now able to book their COVID-19 vaccinations. 

Foster carers play a vital in keeping children safe

Despite being key workers, most people don’t realise the vital role foster carers play in social care. Foster carers give children and young people the opportunity to live in a safe and loving family home, often at the most challenging times of their lives.

"I was shocked but relieved when I found out we could get the vaccine. I’m really grateful that my family can be protected.”

Lisa Jamieson, Assistant Director at the Trust explains, “we have been blown away by the commitment of our foster carers over the last 12 months. It is important that we keep our incredible foster carers as safe as possible and that they are vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.”

Annette, who has fostered with the Trust for ten years said, “I was shocked but relieved when I found out we could get the vaccine. I have three young children in placement at the moment. They each need to maintain contact with their birth families which means that I could be at risk without the vaccine. I’m really grateful that my family will be protected.”

More foster carers urgently needed in Birmingham

If you’re rethinking your career or want to give something back, fostering could be the opportunity you’re looking for.

We are recruiting people from all walks of life, including single people, couples, members of the LGBTQ+ community and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people.

To become a foster carer you need to:

  • be aged over 21 (there is no upper age limit)
  • be resident in the UK with a fixed permanent home
  • have a spare bedroom
  • speak English

Find out more about fostering