Return to Social Work with Birmingham Children's Trust

Return to Social Work programme Published: 1st Jul 2021

We are thrilled to launch our new Return to Social Work programme commencing in September 2021. Find out more and apply today....

Birmingham Children's Trust 2021 Return to Social Work programme

  • It may have been a while since you last did a home visit, perhaps the challenges of raising a family have prevented you from returning to the profession that you love?
  • Did you have a career break and you lost sight of your social work roots? You may have left but we can support you to return to the profession that you love

If you are someone who was previously qualified and practiced as a social worker but has had a break of more than 1+year from the profession, we are offering a bespoke return to social work programme to support you in your professional learning and development journey.

At Birmingham Children’s Trust we have a highly recognised Practice Academy, which supports all social workers pre and post qualification. This includes newly qualified social workers on their ASYE journey, students, practice educators and social work apprentices. We are committed to attracting high quality practitioners to our workforce and this programme will complement our current model of recruitment.

We are very different in our approach and vision as a Trust.  We have exceptional varied opportunities to develop your learning, ongoing training to improve practice, a clear way to progress through our progression pathway that recognises success and values staff.  There are opportunities to join our Safeguarding teams; Children in Care teams; Fostering teams and Disability Children’s Social Care teams.

About the programme

On this programme you will receive:

  • A supervised practice-based tailored experience, including shadowing and learning opportunities in the field of your choice within our key service areas
  • Full support from our Practice Academy practice educator and team
  • Opportunities for private and formal study
  • Following registration and if you’re successfully recruited, you will be provided with support that will be appropriate to the level of experience and time away from practice.

Our Academy will support your placement to review your progress and ensure you have met all requirements in order to gain your registration with Social Work England.

Upon a successful placement and gaining your Social Work England registration, you will have access to the Core Practice training offer in line with the post qualifying practice standards, the knowledge and skills statements and the option to consolidate your learning through the Nationally recognised NAAS programme and become and Accredited Practitioner.

We recognise that it can be challenging returning to practice after a period away, but with the right support and encouragement we will ensure you will regain the confidence, experience and knowledge you need.

Our Practice Academy