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What is Corporate Parenting and how can you help?

Birmingham young peopleWe are Birmingham, we are the largest local authority and one of the youngest and most diverse cities in Europe. We are proud of our city and care about the people that live here. This includes our children in care and care experienced young people who are OUR collective responsibility.

We call it Corporate Parenting and it is something in our city that we are proud of and want to promote. Corporate Parenting means being the 'best parent' we can be to our children in care and those with care experience. This means making sure they are safe, loved, happy, healthy and doing well.

In Birmingham we have high aspirations for our children and young people and it’s a team effort across the city to support their achievements and success.

Watch a short film about Corporate Parenting in Birmingham by clicking here or watching below: 

CP 3As Corporate Parents we need to ask ourselves, what are we doing to help our young people? Birmingham City Council, its elected members and it partners should consider our children in care and care experienced young people as a priority and ensure services are shaped around them.

As a city we have big ambitions. This means using our influence whether we live or work in the city. Together we have the responsibility to create opportunities and act as one big family to our children and young people.

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