'Your Views' - Children in Care Review Consultations

Where can I download the 'Your Views' documents?

Please download the relevant 'Your Views' form below by clicking on the appropriate link below.

There are three 'Your Views' consultation forms which are suitable for different aged children and young people, and also a form for parents and carers: 

Download the 4 to 7 years old (or younger) form

Download the 8 to 12 years old form

Download the 13 years old (or older) form

Download the Parent and carer form

Please complete the one for your age by writing on the printed form.

You can, if you need to, ask your carer, social worker, or advocate if you have one, to assist you with this.

If you are a parent, please use the Parent and Carer form. You can ask your child’s social worker for assistance completing this form.