Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs)

Special Guardianship may be an option for children who need permanent care outside of their birth family. It can provide security without the complete separation from the birth family, as with adoption.

Family and friends can apply for a Special Guardianship Order after caring for the child for one year, or earlier with the consent of all those with parental responsibility. Parental responsibility is still shared with the birth parent(s) but Special Guardians will have greater autonomy on day-to-day matters.

Once a Special Guardianship Order is granted, Special Guardians can access our Family Ties Training. If you have any questions/queries or are interested in attending any of the training sessions please contact us on 0121 303 5313 or email AdoptionTraining@birminghamchildrenstrust.co.uk. Please see below all dates and times of the scheduled training sessions for the year 2018/2019.





Attachment & Promoting Positive Behaviour

Friday 12/10/2018


10am to 13:30pm

Life Story

Friday  09/11/2018


10am to 13:30pm


Friday 07/12/2018


10am to13:30pm


Monday 14/01/2019


10am to 13:30pm

Cultural Identity

Wednesday 13/02/2019


10am to 13:30pm

Achieving in Education

Wednesday 13/03/2019


10am to 13:30pm

Additional Needs

Wednesday 17/04/2019


10am to 13:30pm

Emotional Literacy

Wednesday 15/05/2019


10am to 13:30pm


Wednesday 19/06/2019


10am to 13:30pm

Information Session         

(Family& Friends duty line/ Finances/ Pupil Premium/ Family Action/Future applications to the court)

Wednesday 17/07/2019

10am to 13:30pm