SGO Support and training

Support from Birmingham Children's Trust

Birmingahm Children's Trust respects all special guardians who are providing care to children. We provide support to Special Guardians who may require some advice, guidance or training during their journey.

The family and friends support team provides post Special Guardianship Order (SGO) support. The team are experienced at making applications to the Adoption Support Fund for special guardians who are entitled to access specialist therapeutic support services via the government fund.

When an SGO is granted via Birmingham Children’s Trust you will be allocated a social worker who will provide monthly support visits for six months. This can sometimes be extended depending on your level of need and support plan. We also provide support to special guardians who have moved into our area and who's SGO was granted over three years ago by another agency.

  • We have a duty advice line for general enquiries about how to access the service and we are open
  • We provide a support group for special guardians and connected persons foster carers who are caring for children. This can be a really helpful source of peer support.
  • We provide training to our special guardians on a range of frequently requested topics.

Support for SGO carers during COVID-19

Family Ties support and training group

We are pleased to announce that our Family Ties sessions will be running again from the 16 July.

Family Ties is a support group for Special Guardians and Connected Persons foster carers for the Trust. The Family Ties group meets monthly to provide an opportunity for carers to meet other like-minded family and friends carers who are caring for children who are unable to live with their birth parents. Family Ties provides a safe space for you to discuss any anxieties and concerns as well as share helpful tips and valuable resources with each other.

Experienced members of our team attend Family Ties meetings to make sure you have additional support should you need it. We also provide a frequently requested discussion topic for each meeting.

Upcoming sessions

Date Theme Location
16 July 2020 Emotional needs and wellbeing Virtual
13 August 2020 Contact To be confirmed, pending social distancing guidelines in August
24 September 2020 Safeguarding To be confirmed, pending social distancing guidelines in September

All sessions are run from 10am to 1pm.

Book your place

To book a place at these sessions please telephone: 0121 303 2621.

Virtual sessions

If you would like to attend a virtual session you will need:

  • to provide us with an email address so that we can send you an invitation. The other session participants will not be able to view your personal details.
  • access to a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer to join the session

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our virtual meetings.

Support from other organisations

The following websites offer support to carers with Special Guardianship Orders: