Preparation for Adulthood

What help is available?

We work in partnership with schools, colleges and health and social providers to help the young person prepare for the following four life outcomes:


If you need support with managing your own health needs when you move into adulthood.

  • Our team can work with you to proactively manage your health and wellbeing. For example, we can support you with developing coping strategies to better manage your health needs.
  • We can also support with registering for a GP and ensuring that you attend appointments on time independently.


We can support with exploring what housing options are available to you.

  • If you wish to live independently then we can focus on exploring what your housing options are and providing the resources to help you understand the process.
  • We can assist you with your applications for the housing register as well as looking into finding suitable accommodation within your budget.
  • If you find accommodation but you are unsure on the next steps.
  • We can work with you to understand and learn independent skills such as budgeting, practical skills and how to live safely.


Are you looking for a job or an apprenticeship but you are unsure on where to start.

  • We can offer practical advice and guidance to support with the world of work and the steps it takes to reach paid employment or similar.
  • We can also offer support with how to write a Curriculum Vitae or how to prepare for an interview.

Friendships, Relationships and the Community

If you are struggling to make new friends within your community or are unsure what your community can offer you.

  • We can work with you to explore what activities you are interested in and help you to develop networks in your local area.

Make an enquiry

If you have any enquiries please email the Preparation for Adulthood team.


Visit: Other useful resources for preparing for adulthood (information hosted on the Birmingham City Council website).