Preparation for Adulthood

How to access support

Getting support

  • If you want to connect yourself, or you are connecting a young person to us, then please contact the Children’s Advice and Support Service on 0121 303 1888.
  • You will be put through to a call handler who will complete a connection request with you across the telephone; this is a range of questions which include eligibility criteria as well as outcome-based questions to better understand your needs and the support that is required.
  • For queries on the service, or if you would like some more information on how we can support the young person, then please email:
  • We will respond to your email as soon as possible.

What happens next?

  • Once we've had time to look through your answers, we may need to contact you again to get more information.
  • If you are eligible for our service then you will be allocated a member of the team, who will support you with achieving your outcome.
  • This service does not replace any statutory service.