Fostering and Family Based Care (FFBC) guide for professionals

Who is eligible for support?

Who is eligible for support via the Fostering and Family Based Care Project?

  1. All children in residential care. The child must be living in a residential, secure or unregulated (but requiring care) setting OR be subject to SGO (where child / family is not eligible for therapeutic support via the Adoption Support Fund) / other care arrangement and there is risk this will breakdown resulting in entry to residential care.
  2. There must be an aspirational plan of (Long Term Fostering) LTF with IRO endorsement or an aspirational plan of reunification with IRO endorsement;
  3. The child must want to / support living in a family environment and be aware of and involved in the process;
  4. The current residential provider must be aware of potential plan;
  5. Parents must have been consulted (where relevant / appropriate).