Family Drug and Alcohol Court - Information for families

What will be expected of me if I join FDAC?

We believe that no parent wants to cause their child to suffer and that every family in difficulty wants things to get better. But parents often don’t know how to sort things out themselves and they are afraid that if they ask for help, they will be judged badly and punished.

We find that things work best when everyone is open and honest. This means families and professionals alike. We know that we must earn a parent’s trust and respect. We find it helps if everyone knows exactly what to expect and what they must do. So, we tell parents and professionals what they can expect from us and what we expect from them.

We have seen families in FDAC achieve amazing things. Mainly this is because they have discovered how to reach out for help and how to work as part of a team.

  • We want to take your wish for something better and tell you: “You are not alone now, you can do it, and we will help you do it.”
  • At the same time the Judge will be saying: “You have to do it, whatever you do there will be consequences.”