Family Drug and Alcohol Court - Information for families

What does research say about having a FDAC?

FDAC gets much better results than when parents go to court in normal care proceedings.

This is what a research study at Lancaster  and Brunel Universities found:

  • More parents addressed their problems by the end of the proceedings.
  • More children are able to live with their parents at the end of FDAC proceedings.
  • FDAC families were 50% more likely to have their children returned at the end of proceedings.
  • The changes parents make are more likely to be long-term.
  • When children go home, there is less neglect or abuse by parents who have been in FDAC.
  • Parents have a better experience in the FDAC court process and felt they have been given the best chance possible to make the changes necessary.

The research said that parents were overwhelmingly positive about the FDAC team. The team motivated and engaged parents. They listened to them and did not ‘judge’ them badly. They were honest with them and were both 'strict’ and ‘kind’. The team gave parents practical and emotional support, and they made sure that everyone was helping parents stick with their plan of work.

We believe that the best result is that families overcome their difficulties and are able to raise their children at home. Sadly, sometimes that is not possible, and then we must try to help children find a different home to grow up in. We also help parents keep going, trying to overcome their difficulties.

We hope this will help them stay involved with their children if possible and have a good chance of caring for future children.